Kilsby Neighbourhood Development Plan 2014-2029

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About the Neighbourhood Development Plan  

The Localism Act 2011 sets out a ‘series of measures with the potential to achieve a substantial and lasting shift in power away from Central Government and towards local people’. It offers residents of an area the chance to have a say in the future development of that area, through the production of a Neighbourhood Plan. In Kilsby a Steering Group was set up in June 2014 to draw up a Neighbourhood Plan for the village up to 2029, on behalf of the Parish Council.

In August 2014, a survey questionnaire was distributed to all households to give residents the opportunity to identify the key issues, problems and aspirations to be tackled in the years ahead. Feedback from this survey, which had an excellent 76% response rate, was presented at two Open Forum sessions held in September and a paper summary of the feedback was distributed to all households in December.

A three week informal consultation was carried out in March and April 2015, which gave residents, organisations and businesses the opportunity to comment on the draft policies which will feature in the emerging Plan. There was a good response to this, with over 90% of respondents very supportive of the proposed way forward.

The Steering Group consulted statutory bodies, carried out historic and Census research, and gathered relevant information from a wide variety of sources. The Group liaised with Daventry District Council on the latest Housing Needs Survey, the results of which have fed into the draft submitted Neighbourhood Development Plan.

Information about the Steering Group’s activities and progress with the Plan have been published regularly in the Kilsby Kronickle and on the Village Website.

The Formal Public Consultation ran from Monday 18th May to noon on Tuesday 29th June 2015. All representations were considered and the draft plan revised as appropriate. The final version was submitted to Daventry District Council and has been published on their website. Their consultation period closed on 18 September 2015. The next stage was the appointment of Nigel McTurk as an independent examiner. As at February 2016 Nigel's Kilsby Examination is underway.

Results From the Informal Public Consultation (See Leaflet at the Top) 

80 responses were received to the leaflet setting out the draft objectives, policies and plans.

These represented the view of 114 villagers (many were joint responses) of which only two totally disagreed with the proposals, with a further three people having some reservations (in terms of the proposal to restrict housing development during the life of the Plan to within the existing settlement boundary), with the suggestion made that there should be some small clusters of development outside the village boundary). The other 109 (95.6%) expressed support or strong support for the proposals.

Comments made on the proposals included:

Concerns over parking in village streets and the need to specify more parking spaces per property for new developments
General support for traffic calming measures but concerns that these could result in an increase in signage and street furniture which would detract from the appearance of the village
Some reservations about proposed 20 mph speed limit
The need to enforce existing speed restrictions
Concern over the state of pavements
Particular support for cycle and footpath proposals
Particular support for the provision of medical facilities in the village
Suggestion that sports facilities for adults needed
Support for the protection of green spaces and trees, and suggestion for creation of ‘pocket park’
Support for keeping existing village boundaries
Need for more adventure equipment in the recreation ground
Need to be more explicit about the future of the Village Hall
Suggestion for pedestrian or island crossing for the A5
Need for evening and weekend buses now
Need for a footpath down Barby Road

Steering Group Meetings

In Kilsby a Steering Group was set up in June 2014 to draw up a Neighbourhood Plan for the village up to 2029, on behalf of the Parish Council.

Minutes from the meetings can be found below;