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Kilsby is a village and civil parish in the county of Northamptonshire, 5 miles south east of Rugby, and 6 miles north of Daventry at the intersection of the A5 (Watling Street) and the A361. Kilsby village has a population of 1189 (2017 data). It gives its name to the Kilsby Tunnel on the West Coast Main Line. The tunnel measures 2400 yards (2,216m) in length, and was designed and constructed by Robert Stephenson, son of the famous George Stephenson who invented the early steam-engine "The Rocket".

The village was probably founded in about 900-920AD - the giveaway is in the name 'Kilsby', which probably comes from the Anglo-Saxon word cildes and the Old Norse word býr, literally meaning 'child's dwelling' (though 'child' in this context probably means 'young chieftain'). Kilsby was the scene of a skirmish in 1642 that may well have witnessed the first shots fired in the Civil War.


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Maintenance of Trees on Parish Council Land at Butts Lane

The Parish Council have instructed Daventry Norse Ltd to carry out works to cut back overhanging trees, shrubs and brambles along EW13, Butts Lane. The works are planned to take place during week commencing 24th February, 2020.

Daventry Norse Ltd have been asked to attend to approximately 1m each side of the pathway from top to bottom, cut back overhanging trees, shrubs and brambles by approximately 1m each side of the pathway from top to bottom.

It is the intention of the Parish Council to attend to vegetation within Butts Lane only and following the guidance of our professional contractor for this identified work.

The scope of works within Butts Lane is still under review and it is possible further work may need to be revisited at a later date and carefully managed over a period of time, having had little attention for some time.

It is the our idea to help continue to improve the welfare and ongoing care of Butts Lane.



Parish Council Meeting dates 2020

Kilsby Room, Kilsby Village Hall

 Kilsby Annual Parish Meeting: Tuesday 21st April, 2020   

More details to follow…

Due to 7th May, 2020 Parish Council Elections Kilsby Parish Council Meeting dates will now take place as follows:

Tuesday 26th May, 2020 19.30 – KPC Annual Meeting

Tuesday 16th June, 2020 19.30 – KPC Ordinary Meeting  

Tuesday 21st July, 2020 19.30 – KPC Ordinary Meeting


Police Report for Daventry February 2020  Click here for report.


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 A361 Revised Speed Limit

 Following the statistics obtained during the Speedwatch exercise in the summer, a request was made to revise the speed limit on entry to the village on the A361 heading from Daventry. This has been considered by the Speed Limit Review Panel, which is chaired by Northamptonshire Highways Road Safety Manager and consists of safety engineers, road safety practitioners and the Senior Traffic Management Officer for Northamptonshire Police (who has delegated authority from the Chief Constable in speed limit consultations). The Panel supported the revision of the 30mph speed limit and the introduction of a 40mph "buffer" limit.  They considered that the current 30mph limit starts so far out of the main residential section of the village there is no realistic prospect of compliance until a driver gets further into the village.  Moving the start of the 30mph restriction further into the village should increase compliance as a driver will see, with the presence of properties etc. the reasoning for the limit. The approximate extent of this revision is indicated on the plan, click here.  Because of the legal process involved, the amended restrictions will not be introduced until the latter half of 2020.


News and Events in Daventry Winter 2019          Click here for information


Northamptonshire Village Awards

Volunteers required to form a group to enter Kilsby into The Northamptonshire Village Awards, sponsored by CPRE Northamptonshire. These are a wonderful way for residents to showcase their rural community as well as a chance to audit village life and build for the future.

They are an opportunity to tell everyone what you like about your village and what makes it a great place to live. For the first time, every entrant to the 2020 competition will receive either a Bronze, Silver or Gold award. These will be awarded based upon how well the village does across a range of criteria.

The judges will be looking for all aspects of village life ranging from its facilities and amenities, local activities, tidiness and presentation, environment and sustainability and most importantly community spirit!          Click here for more information.

 If you are able to help, please contact the Parish Council Clerk, parishcouncil@kilsbyvillage.co.uk





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