Kilsby Speedwatch Campaign

Published: 23 October 2018

Kilsby Speedwatch Campaign

I have just volunteered for the post of Kilsby Speed watch Co-ordinator, I live on Middle Street I have lived here for 9 years and I have seen a big increase in the amount of traffic coming through the village, and the number of articulated vehicles using Kilsby as a rat run to get to DIRFT.

The campaign only lasts for 3 weeks in the year and volunteers are needed to work with the Police to monitor speeds of vehicles, at certain points, within Kilsby. The main aim of the Campaign is to re-educate people regarding speeds within the village. The main aim of this is to keep people and their families safe.

The Aims of Community Speed Watch

To reduce excessive speed in Northamptonshire parishes within 30mph limits • To change people’s attitudes towards speeding • To create a safer environment • To empower communities to work together in partnership with road safety agencies.

Your help is only needed for 3 weeks to monitor speed levels

The Benefits the Parish will receive

• Increased awareness of the dangers of speeding • Loan of a hand-held speed gun for use by trained residents • Comprehensive equipment and safety training, site assessments, high visibility clothing, insurance cover and publicity materials • High visibility Community Speed Watch poster boards to put up on lamp-posts/trees • Regular follow-up visits and continued support from Northamptonshire Police • Follow-up support using portable speed indicator devices and vehicle activated signs • Feedback of all recorded data to form an evidence base to support any potential future funding applications • A safer environment and an empowered community.

Speeding is a serious issue for Northamptonshire’s parishes but it is not an inevitable one. Community Speed Watch is a positive and proactive way in which local residents can work together to tackle this important issue.

What is involved?

Working as a Team to assist the Co-ordinator, we need the following please:

Deputy Co-ordinator: You will act as deputy in the absence of the Co-ordinator. Also engage in any roadside activities that you are part of.

Volunteers: You will work alongside other trained residents during roadside enforcement sessions, using the speed detection equipment and recording vehicle details for offending vehicles. We need between 6-10 volunteers to create a team rota.

What Training is required?

All volunteers need to be trained before they can attend any roadside sessions. The training is a 3 hour session which consists of both practical and classroom elements; this normally takes place 1-2 weeks before you are due to get the equipment. Once you are trained you are covered by a form of insurance whilst you are volunteering for Community Speed Watch. There is currently no requirement for you to repeat this training each year, however refresher training is welcomed.

At this stage, it would be helpful if people would indicate that they are willing to participate.

Please email the Community Speedwatch Coordinator (Debbie Marsh) on

 if you are prepared to help with this.

The more volunteers we get the safer our Village will be for everyone.