Vacancy For A Councillor

Published: 14 July 2021

What is Happening in Kilsby – How to Find Out and Influence

Do you want to know about changes for Kilsby…….

Do you want an opportunity to shape change …….

Do you want to influence spending in Kilsby …….

Do you want to make a difference to the community where you live …….

Do you want to take a proactive interest in your community …….

Do you want your voice to be heard …….

Do you want to understand where the parish council sits within the various council tiers …….

If you, or in fact you and a friend can say yes to any of the above, then consider applying to join Kilsby Parish Council. Vacancies can be filled at any time of year but now is a particularly good time to join as the council’s New Year starts in May and we have a number of vacancies available.

What is the commitment? All Councillors are unpaid volunteers who give their time and knowledge. This will vary person to person. We all have busy lives but should be able to find time to help the community. We meet the first Tuesday in the month and during the month Councillors may work individually or in groups on specific projects, or a Councillor may have an ongoing role. How much time you give and what you volunteer for is your choice but working as a team and sharing responsibilities is key to being an effective Councillor.

Is there any training? New Councillors generally go on a two to three hour training course held in the evening (currently via zoom) as an introduction to what Councils do. More specific role based courses are also available.

What will I do? Councillors generally have specific responsibilities which vary in terms of commitment. They may also get involved in one-off projects in order to improve wellbeing, facilities, safety and opportunities in Kilsby as envisaged in Kilsby’s Neighbourhood Development Plan. If you have a particular interest or have identified an issue you want to get involved in we will support you.

What will I get from it? You will meet new people and have an opportunity to show communication, managing, organisational, leadership and decision making skills. You will know that you are helping individuals and the community and have a better understanding of local issues.

Why join now? The Council started a new term of office in May 2021 following the dissolution of the District Councils. There are now two tiers of Government in Northamptonshire, namely West Northamptonshire Council and Town and Parish Councils. This means that Parish Councils are likely to be able to make more of a difference to the people in their parish.

Why me? Can you think of a reason why you should not join Kilsby Parish Council?

If you want to find out more please feel free to speak to a current Councillor, or the Clerk to the Council. If you would like an application form please contact the Clerk on

Clerk to the Council