Do you need funds for your club or society, is there a project you need financial help with?

Published: 16 October 2018

Do you run a club, society or community group, would you like to apply for funds to help with your activities. If so there are 2 sources of possible funding that you can access.
Firstly funding can be requested from DDC via their voluntary and community services programme. This programme is designed to support voluntary and community groups with capital projects and in certain cases with a lesser amount to support revenue expenditure. Additional monies have been available through this programme for this current financial year (2018/19). It is important to note that capital grants can be up to a maximum of 50% of project costs and have a ceiling figure of £15,000.
The second source of funding is Section 106 monies available as a result of the A361 housing development by Avant Homes.
There is a defined sum of money totalling £105,141.12 for which applications can be made under the following prescribed headings.

Allotments 744.48
Green space 4963.20
Indoor sports 28505.76
Indoor youth 3242.40
Outdoor sports 48362.40
Parks and gardens 16751.04
Play areas 2571.84
In all cases grant applications must be supported with a well documented and fully costed plan which will identify the benefits to the community and demonstrate the advantages of it being managed by the parish council or local community group. The joint application form for both funding streams and completion guidance for capital grant applications are available below.

Application Form

Guidance Notes

Once you have completed your application please forward it to Councillor Sarah Stainton at for review by the Parish Council Sec 106 Committee.  Applications to be returned by 15th November.

Thank you.